Rockin on my Guitar

I love to rock out.Ive been playing since like last year.The first song i have ever learned is Nothing else Matters by Metallica.I am going to learn the halo theme on guitar and it  sounds awesome. I have learned Sweet Dreams by Marylin Manson,Zombie by Cranberries, a song by Nirvana, a song by Third eye Blind,Wanted Dead or Alive,Crazy Train by Ozzy Osborne,Time of your life by Green Day. Those are just some but i will never stop playing.


Edgefest 2013 was AWESOMNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Man the coolest band i got to see was BUSH. All the bands i got to see were FALLING IN REVERSE (one of the best band i saw!)A DAY TO REMEMBER, AWALNATION, PARAMORE, DEFTONES, PHONIEX. The egdefest has been the coolest concert i have ever (the only one so far) Others bands i want to see is GREEN DAY, THE KILLERS, BLINK 182, and EVANESCENCE. Oh and the best part about it is I WENT CROWD SURFING AT THE BUSH CONCERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wonder why?


How did soccer come to be?
Well based on my research soccer was played by the Greeks, Egyptian’s and Chinse. So
soccer has been around many years and is a really popular sport. People have called it
different names such as football (it’s called football out of NorthAmerica) Tsu-Chu (China) and
Marn grook (Native Americans). Soccer mainly came around in Europe. They began by
kicking around a pig’s bladder from one landmark to another. The game was even banned
from some parts of Britain’s history. In the 1700’s in Britain club soccer began to evolve.
During that time they were still allowed to use their hands. In 1863 the soccer rules that we
have today began to evolve from Britain. They made a football league in 1888. In 1930 FIFA
(The International Federation of Association Football) It was official and it’s been like that ever